Projecting onto you partner? Read this…

Projecting onto you partner? Read this

Raise your hand if you’ve ever felt a fraction of “you don’t give me the love I need” or “you don’t allow me to feel free” in relationship… 😯

The feminine shadow can never have enough love, and that gets projected on ‘her’ partner.

The masculine shadow can never be fully free, and that gets projected on ‘his’ partner.

Receiving either projection is like a dagger to the heart because the integrated self knows… “I can’t do that for you.”

This is happening in every relationship…


Unless….. they’re both doing their own work of course 😏

👉🏼 Becoming love itself.

Aka embodying that which ‘she’ wants to feel through him…

(Which she then actually receives through him because ahemmmmm clear mirror!!!!)


👉🏼 Devoting to the infinite sovereign freedom that lies within.

Aka escaping ‘his’ exhausting search for something less burdensome outside of ‘himself’…

(And then of course ‘his’ partner can gift all the freedom and space in the world because it’s not superficial.)

The amount of freedom I have to gift my lover when my daily practice is one of embodying love… it’s endless.

The amount of love he has to offer me when his daily practice is freedom through purpose + truth… it’s endless.

This is how healthy mirrors work.

We give the gift of what we desire through the other FIRST TO OURSELVES at the deepest core level through practice, commitment, and daily devotion.

And then we receive it all on the outside.

👉🏼👉🏼👉🏼 This little formula is the end of toxic relating, if you let it be.

I promise.


My loves… I want this for you!!! And I give you allllll the codes to embody this inside Initiatress….!!!!!!




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