Read this if you’ve ever said “you don’t love me as much as I love you!”

“Maybe we should just break up!”
“You don’t love me as much as I love you!”
“What’s wrong with you?”
“Grow up!”
“Fuck you, I hate you!”
Silence on the other end of the phone.
Storming out the room.
Slamming the door with rage.

I used to be this woman, when it all got too intense.

The unloved little girl.
The traumatized teenager.
The blameful brat.
The hateful feminist.
The marathon shadow bringer.
The pain body exposed.

Vomiting my unprocessed emotional content, unwilling to see my own inner pain, unable to see that MY emotions are MINE, projecting them on to him..

Unable to hold the integrated masculine pole, he collapses in this.
Forgets his worth, his power, his purpose.
Sucked into codependency, but flat and silently missing his erection toward LIFE. ⚡️🥴
(And then we question why were not getting ravished and fucked..

My heart HURTS, feeling how many silent wars like this there are going on in partnership across the world.💔

You might be attracted to this post because you’re in one.
👉🏼Your wounded masculine and feminine archetypes running the show, keeping you addicted to the connection but continuously UNMET…

So the truth is, it’s not just my heart. It’s our hearts.


We’re HERE for LOVE, but keep floundering at the shores, compromising our desire and hooked into a false sense of connection, telling ourselves to settle. 👀

What’s even worse, is that in conscious community… this kind of unacceptable behavior gets idealized.

Blamed on mercury retrograde, some twin flame bullshit, or regarded as necessary to process and express.


Unless emotional expression is seeded in an open heart and through love, its trauma inducing- and IT IS NOT LOVE.

What sucks is that your heart could be literally bleeding out in pain, and you could sweep right over it.

When the brain is given love- ESPECIALLY right after a low low that the relationship has induced- it gets absorbed into it.

And then you’re in the cycle. High, low, high, low, high, low, high, low. Addicted to the high.

Numbed to the gnawing ache of codependency and burned to the ground with exhaustion from the drama you see as love. 👁😢

In my next post, I’m going to share 4 key elements that lifted me from the trenches of this reality… and into only polarity, passion, and profound love.

But for now… you must know 🤤 Initiatress is officially OPEN!!!!! and if you resonated with the muck of this post and you’re DONE not taking responsibility for being a part of this experience on the planet… you want to be inside.

Clear the trauma. Open your heart again. Master polarity. Get fucking MET. 💞🌹🔥

Join INITIATRESS here, loves!!!



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