Why cervical work is one of the most important technologies for the female body

cervical work

I truly believe cervical work is one of the most important technologies for the female body.

The cervix is intricately connected to the heart, and both of these centers store locked emotion, trauma, and memory.

They also both have a wellspring of wisdom, guidance, and soul for a life of alignment and ease.

Developing relationship with cervix and heart- and their divine dance together- as well as devoting to clearing out the old and purifying for what’s to come- is one of the most sacred medicines for the female body.

To WELCOME the penetration of love in is to welcome GOD in- to body, to life.

A lot of women will ask: “What if I’m just not that aroused? Do I set up a time to practice?”

And I just wanted to give you a list.

Of all the moments and all the times I use the crystal wand to meet the depths… 💦🤍🖤⚔️💎

When I’m feeling sad
When I want clarity on something in my life
When I want to heal a certain part of my body
When I want pleasure to uplift my mood
When I want to meet my future partner in the astral
When I know I need to surrender
When I’m feeling connected to my body
When I’m feeling disconnected to my body
When I’m feeling flat
When I’m feeling turned on
When I know I need to cry but it’s not coming
When want an outcome in life and I want to feel it already complete
When I’m feeling alone.

You see?

Pleasure practice is NOT just to feel sexy + hot.

It’s to heal.
It’s to embody.
It’s to welcome wholeness.


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