Why understanding your motives is key

The more you understand your motives, the more powerful you become.

The less programmed you become. The more honest you become. The less influenced you become. The more raw you become. The less societal you become. The more wildly liberated you become.

👉🏼 THIS is the real route to outrageous love + quantum wealth.

I don’t know how to prove it to your logic that might try to think it’s way otherwise- but try to read this with your body.. with your feminine.. with your feeling sense.


Ask yourself- “Why am I about to _________?”

Why am I about to send him that text?
Why am I about to post on social media?
Why am I about to deny sex?
Why am I about to blame?
Why am I about to launch a program?

And get real with yourself.

Seeking revenge?
Wanting to be noticed? Admired?
You think it’s the only way to make money?
You think he deserves to be treated that way based on his actions?


Your motive will give you a major clue as to your result…

Only got 2 likes and it triggers you because you actually were posting to be seen? #newsflash – this is a spiritual game we are in.

The more power you have over your trauma + your motives + your negative energetics… the more clear you are from needing anything from the outside…. the more brilliant + noticed + wealthy + loved you become.

Go back to Source.

And fill yourself up.

Doing ANYTHING with a motive other than flow, love, unity, peace, service, play…

Is not serving you or the whole.

It’s not making you more money to push past your uncomfortable emotions and do the thing just because you have a program that says “work harder to make more.”

It’s not creating more sexiness, passion, Eros, and love to have an important conversation with your partner while you’re triggered.. to make a point… just because you have a program that says “I need to be understood.”

When you – Stop. Drop. And get in alignment.

This is the masculine energetic in full force.

The permission to clear all the BS + only act from purpose.

You get full recognition from God.

And then your actions become so powerful, you need less of them in less time.

AND THEN your feminine is free 🦋

She now got spaceeeeeeeee to flyyyyyyyyyyy



PS INITIATRESS is now open and will show you alllll the juicy codes for understanding your deepest self + quantum leaping to your fullest power!

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Ashae Sundara is a leadership coach for the most magical women on the planet.

Her life’s work is in healing the universal feminine heart.

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