Launching as shadow work

Launching is shadow work

Offering your soul’s work in the world is no joke.

You are putting yourself out there for everyone to see.
To love.
To meet.

And you are saying…

“This matters.”


“Pay me for it” 😜

It’s a huge deal!!!!!

And it brings up all of the parts of you that doubt your inherent worth.

Which is genius.

The entrepreneur path is MEANT to bring this up for you..

So you can rise..

And grow..

I really believe it’s part of the TECHNOLOGY of leading yourself…

Meeting the parts that say you can’t.. or shouldn’t..

And showing them another way…

So if you’re not like…

“OMG @(&:!;9202’djsl should I lower the price and is anyone going to join and is it good enough and will they like it 9(&;83@;’sos”

at least a little bit… during your launch…

You’re not playing/charging big enough 😉

Until you surpass that moment so many times..

So many launches…

That you can hear a glimmer of that voice and tell it…

“Yeah but you said that last time and then it all worked out”

“Better than you ever believed”

“You are so silly”

“It’s okay”

“You are enough”

“I love you”




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Ashae Sundara is a leadership coach for the most magical women on the planet.

Her life’s work is in healing the universal feminine heart.

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