Orgasm is the most honest energy in the world

Orgasm is the most honest energy in the world

Orgasm is the most honest energy in the world.

Today I felt sexually shy.

Could’ve been where I’m at in my cycle…

Or where we’re at in connection…

Doesn’t matter.

It just felt true.

Aroused, definitely aroused.

But aroused like a virgin.

Turned on in my innocence.

I told him and he just met me there.

He asked questions, in the curiously delicious tone he always brings.

He let the shy one take up space.

He went soooooooo slow with me.

I didn’t know if we would move any further…

Maybe just a talk and a cuddle.

But one share after another,

Truth after truth revealed,

And next thing I know I am moaning his name, exploding wildly to our love… 💥👄

Here’s the thing my loves…

Orgasm is honest.

If you want deeper and more profound releases and experiences where you touch God…

You. Must. Be. Telling. The. Truth.

The truth of the moment.

The truth of your heart.

The truth of your turn on.

The more honest the moment, the more explosive the orgasm.




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