That jungle initiation was NO. JOKE…

jungle initiation

That jungle initiation was NO. JOKE…. ⚡️🐉🌬🌊

Looking back at the fullness of Saturday, I could feel the intensity from the moment I woke up…

6am in Boulder Colorado… I wake up for a day of travel with full on anxiety.

It’s not uncommon for me to feel nervous and just shuffled on a traveling alone day… but this one was deeper.

After my bags were safely boarded + and I was to the terminal… I thought… “Okay, here’s where my energy calms down.”

But it was one thing after the next…
To the point where I am in a 2.5 hour drive to my Airbnb at night (this in general is scary for me) let alone the TORRENTIAL DOWNPOUR I got stuck in for a good 30 minutes.

Omg.. I could barely see the car in front of me…
Huge puddle like rivers everywhere…
Pitch black..
The thunder and the lightning shook my beingness to the core.
So primal. So animalistic.

I couldn’t do anything but pray to God… to the beloved.. to the divine masculine…to my angels…
“Help help help keep me safe…”
And remain utterly present until it cleared.

Receiving the initiation of “the final time I do this alone” – a present from Gaia for all the hard work into union 🙃😉

The significance of this whole day has the next Quantum Year transmission coded in it…

“Money, My Beloved”

My loves- this transmission is going to be NEXT. LEVEL.

Because I didn’t have my man by my side…
And I am only woman..
With supple tender womb and lifetimes of not being safe to be…

I had protection…
I could receive…

Money. My beloved.
Thank you.


You do not want to miss this transmission.

The Quantum Year... we bout to make such magic..

I can hardly wait.



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