The energetics of financial success

energetics of financial success

The energetics of financial success are so deliciously nuanced…

It’s in every move that you make.

The way you eat matters.
The way you fuck.
The way you swim.
The way you receive…..

Every. Single. Moment. Counts.

When the quantum is always listening..

You have to ask yourself-

“How might a wildly successful and abundant liberated and powerful goddess move… throughout a day?

And then hold yourself to that.

Practice some hard AF boundaries to the parts of you that don’t believe easeful flowing abundance can be true for you…. 😉🖤 #butreally

I get that it’s hard to anchor it now..

Before it’s fully real..

And before you see it landed in the 3D..

But I promise..

It works…

Pretending like it’s here works…

And it’s the only way…

Acting from your future self now…

These days I am in constant awe….

Watching my life..
My magnetism..
My business..

Watching as I change nothing…
In fact, I do less…

But I make more..

Surprise payments all the time..

100k+ months without lifting a finger-

(And then 200-400k+ when I intentionally open to that…)

The only thing I am doing…

Upgrading my already quantum belief set…

Tracking how I can expand further..

And falling more and more in love…

With this body..
And it’s pleasure..
With the simplicity of jungle life..
With presence.
And slowness.

I am not a victim to my ego, I am not a victim to this world, I am not a victim to any situation.

I create.

And I create this.




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