THIS is the deepest work of my life…

THIS is the deepest work of my life…

On a call with one of my clients today, she says: “I see you. You spend a looooottttt of time alone.”

I was surprised by how touched + recognized I felt by such a sentence.

But here’s why it touched me 👇🏼

You know…. my message for the world is one of ease, trust, and pleasure.

You know…. the way I do and teach business is one of alignment, magic, magnetism, and femininity.


What you don’t know is what’s often involved in the choice to expand, impact, and hold the kind of space I hold.

You don’t know the hours I spend in energetic practice with my body.

You don’t know the relationships I’ve left in order to keep my field clean.

You don’t know the little voices in my head that try to steer me away.

You don’t know how I say no to any offer that doesn’t feel the highest of high.

You don’t know the boundaries I’ve needed to develop.

You don’t know the yearning and longing practice I did for 6 months straight, removing my blockages to love.

You don’t know my commitment to my most activated self.

You don’t know my family relationships and how at times they haven’t been easy as I’ve become who I am.

👉🏼 No, I do not and will not sit at the computer for hours a day working like a dog.

But I work-


I work all. day. long…

Keeping my channel open..

My mind clear…

My heart open…

So yes-

It is ease and pleasure and bliss.

But it’s the deepest work of my life.

All the time.

In every moment.

Even while I sleep…

Dharma is devotion.

And there’s no getting around that.




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Ashae Sundara is a leadership coach for the most magical women on the planet.

Her life’s work is in healing the universal feminine heart.

Money. Embodiment. Energy. Sex.  And Soul.

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