You’re here because you’ve had enough, telling yourself you’re not enough.

Judging your sensitivity has drained your energy, cultivated even more self sabotage despite your self awareness, and brightened the ego-self mind that keeps you small. 

As each attempt to “fix yourself” stacks high, your magic fairy confidence tank drips dry.


Let me tell you a secret:

There is nothing wrong with you.

You are divine as you are. 

Re-connection to your spirit and how you embody your pleasure in this world will actualize you into the being you want to become.
It is in your power to create feelings of bliss, acceptance, and peace inside: and once you do, your light can’t help but shine. Your service in the world, your gifts, and your you-ness begins to magnetize every desire your way. 

Your connection to your Self determines the amount of abundance, joy, connection, and freedom in your life.


I’m here to help you fall in deep devotional love with yourself so you can create magic in your life. 

I’m here to create a whole new paradigm for self care and show you that radiant wellness is a deep inside mind-body-soul job. 

I’m here to re-connect you to your power, your purpose, your gifts, your feminine feels, and the inspired health that is your birthright. 

Ultimately, I’m here to help you step in to the powerful creator goddess you are inside so you can live a life in alignment with love, magic, and divinity. 



It all starts on that innocent day I decided to get off the estrogen-peaking birth control pill I’d been on for over 5 years. Because sex wasn’t on my regular, (I originally went on the pill to balance my intense cramping I’d experience during menstruation that would have me writhing in pain and screaming on the top of my lungs for dear life) and I wanted to be western medicine free, I threw my pack of little pills in the trash. At the time, I didn’t know much about a proper way to exit the pill, so I simply stopped cold turkey. And so did the streak of confidence my little freshman ego began to pick up. 
It only took a week for the symptoms to sprout, in the deepest sense. My already sensitive stomach went out of whack. Eating a carrot got scary, as the bloating, gas, and IBS flared. My skin… oh my poor skin… broke out in little red and large pussy acne spots in the most noticeable of places. I lost 10 pounds off my thin frame, and fast. Energy went down the drain. The worst of it all though, my hair started falling out in chunks. I’d be in the shower, and I’d quite literally wash clumps and clumps down the drain. Clearly, I was freaked out. This started the disempowerment flow.
From then on, the irrational fear of not being good enough for a man to love me or a friend to see and support me took on. I hid from life and my divine light, staying within my own realm (and room) of “I am sick” and “I need to heal.”

I repeated this story for over a year, even as I was introduced to detoxification, cleansing, veganism, holistic nutrition, plant medicine, reiki, and more.

“I am sick.”
“I need to keep healing.”
I’d pick at and shred my skin to sheds. I’d stare at my frame in the mirror- especially my frizzy head of thin-to-nothing hair- and tell myself how ugly I had become. I’d seclude myself from the world. I’d binge eat my roommates disgusting CheezIt’s that I knew my holistic nutrition body did not want to consume. But I was addicted.

And no, not to the food.

I was addicted to the dis-ease of staying in victim mode, and not taking control of my pleasure, purpose, embodiment, energy, and life.
At times I felt insane, because on the outside in- I was doing all the ‘right’ stuff. My tongue was being scraped, my colon was being cleansed, my hormones were being supported, my organic vegan food was being properly prepared… but I still wasn’t receiving the healing I would seek. I was running in circles, again and again.

The true healing took place when I learned to claim these three ideals: 

  1. My mind creates my reality. My thoughts create my world. I am legitimately bringing illness and lack of worth in, through my beliefs.
  2. Following true pleasure in life – and especially in embodying sacred sexual empowerment- can be used as a healing agent and feminine power source. This will help me come out of my ‘box’ and live my light.
  3. When I am in my highest self essence, I am already healed.
From that point on, I made it my mission…

To feel alive, radiant, activated, healed, and full of light- without obsessing over food or pointing the finger at anyone but myself. 
I became the conscious creator of my own life.
And yeah, life became my masterpiece.
Over the last handful of years, I’ve been committed to embodying my feminine essence, letting superfoods and pleasure fuel me, committing to my spiritual development, and finally coming out into the world with the light of my natural being and sacredly crafted confidence- leading women from the power of my intuitive and sexual source.
My life’s work is in offering my clients activated systems that allow them to alchemize their pain and struggle into purpose, pleasure, confidence, and vibrant aliveness from the inside out. I help bridge the gap between the sacred and the sexy, intuition and nutrition, hustle and self-care, and going from a place of self-deprecation to divine self knowing, self care, self mastery, and self love. My ultimate goal is that clients go on to confidently live their lights in the world too: offering their creative gifts and services from a place of deep knowing and worth.


Helping you embody, feel, love, and express yourself is my jam.

I’m all about empowering you to be the conscious creator of your own life.

And getting you these kinda feels: joyful. sexy.. alive. radiant. inspired. connected. empowered. and real. 

So you can embody your soul and create a high vibrational life and service in the world. 

Want that?

I want that for you too.