“I’mAshae Sundara

Hi. YAY that you are here.

I am a Desire Alchemist for the Feminine Leader.

+ I’m here to help you embody your sovereign, sensual genius
so you can orgasmically claim the life of your choice.

my purpose

I’m here to usher you into receiving the deepest intimacy,
abundance, pleasure, and freedom in your life.

Because it’s who you actually are. Because I am you, and I needed this then.

I serve as a fiery reminder of your truth, not letting you slide into victimhood or
blame. I take a stand for your pleasure. Your purpose. Your power. And your highest aligned path. With a lover, or without.

We rescue your sacred slut and your scared little girl; Taking back all your scattered parts.
Integrating your sexual, soulful, relational, and financial wholeness.

Love, sex, and purpose from relaxed inner worth.

Online business from the embodiment of your highest of high self.

This is the place for those who are ready
to live in the home of their sensual, aligned, abundant soul.


“Ashae is the true embodiment of a sex goddess. Her work is powerful, potent,
and so needed in this world. I am forever learning from this queen as she basks in her own power,
allowing others to do the same.”

- Mel Wells, Author of TheGoddessRevolution

“I’ve never met someone who embodies pleasure like Ashae.
Sexy is her DNA and it’s so magnetic, empowered, shameless and life changing.”

- Maya Knight - Embodied Business Coach, Helping Leaders Transform

“Ashae combines the erotic with the tender & the sex with the soul.”

- Kristina licare , Emotional Intimacy Coach

“It’s ineffable to describe in words how infinitely grateful
I am for Ashae’s embodiment of what’s possible.
She’s a space holder for wisdom, pleasure, and abundance – but
most of all, for your dreams & greater levels of divinity.”

- Elisa Danielle - Manifestation Mentor

I Serve You to ...

  • Rise into your erotic power to claim your fullest
  • Get out in the world with your message and make money being you.
  • Unlock your turn on and inner confidence
  • Launch & Scale your heart-centered online biz to multiple 6 figures
  • Become rich & prosperous, giving the
    gift of yourself
  • Bring polarity into your relationships…
    softening into the feminine & letting him lead

start here,

When I took my first step
into the world of
pleasure + power reclamation,
Breast Massage was the first practice that brought me
into my deepest self.

Seriously, they got some majorrrrr
untapped energy for life expansion.

And you can’t not listen to that INNER KNOWING when so deeply connected to your heart.

I started practicing breast massage almost every
day of my life & awakened to a whole new level of heart
pleasure, turned on arousal, and self love.


Radiant Heart Activation,
My Breast Massage Intensive.

A 7 day commitment to a simple sensual practice. Not
only will you be dropped in to the natural turn on for yourself,
but you’ll release past pain, and let love lead.

Just $97

*Promise, you'll be doing this practice for the rest of yo life, baby!