Taking the sacred slut out of my clients closets + using her to manifest a turned on life is my specialty.


she is the powerful one. the goddess. the part of you that can hold a boundary, embody confidence, and imbue pleasure into every moment of every day. 

Your juicy feminine essence fills you with love for yourself, your life, and everything you are bringing forth.

She is also the one that hibernates for months. She hides behind business success, relationship fights, and a masculine shell. 

But don’t get things mixed up: she is DYING in that cave. 

She longs to be seen, embodied, worshipped, and loved. 


Hands on the wheel, you’re driving forward in your relationship, health, and life… but what you cannot see on the horizon is that hustle, strength, stability, and systems only get you so far. 

Your sensual self has intuition, wisdom, grace, unconditional acceptance, internal peace.. and so she is your guide home. 

She is your last step on your awakening journey, you know this- because once you have her, you are guided for life.

Let’s ramp up this game and fly free with her in hand.