Second Coach

Find Your Body’s Bliss

4 Month One-on-One Coaching

You want to feel:

Free! Happy. Energetic. Confident. Nourished. Embodied. Comfortable. Light. In ease.

And you want to:

Love your body. Accept your body. Thrive in your body.
Release restriction. Put an end to the emotional eating rollercoaster you’ve been on for years.
Feel good in the skin you’re in.

Mostly, you’re sick of feeling:

Not good enough. Bloated. Heavy. Out of control around food.
Frustrated with your constant struggle with health and weight.
Caught up in self doubt.
Disconnected from yourself.

I get you. I feel you.

I busted through my own blocks toward feeling blissful, beautiful, and free in my own skin. And that’s what we’re here to do together, with you.

Are you my girl?


  • You feel sluggish, heavy, and fatigued
  • Your digestion is at its all time worst
  • Your relationship with food is the scariest roller-coaster of today
  • You feel spiritually disconnected, and you’re finding less and less pleasure in your life.
  • You’ve feared you’ll never find the right diet, and have hopped from vegan to paleo to gluten-free to raw to this and that a zillion times
  • You feel totally “in control” one minute, and then find yourself in a binge the next.
  • You’re judging yourself each and every glance in the mirror.
  • You’ve hopped diet to diet, and at this point have absolutely no idea of what intuitive eating could mean for you.
  • You feel BLAH in body, MEH in mind, and UGH in soul.

I was in your shoes and Ive coached handfuls of women in that space too. Together, we pull you out. Together, we tap you in to your true healing, from the inside out.

Not your average nutritionist, I take a practical, holistic, and soul-based approach to health, rather than just a clinical one.

Im interested in the whole picture: your habits, lifestyle, stress levels, physical activity, relationships, beliefs, stories, and fears, your sex life, your spiritual connection, passions, purpose, and yes- I’m dying to know how many times a day you “go.”

Together, we’ll ditch counting calories and fat grams and throw away the scale to adopt a food and lifestyle thats fun, rewarding, easy, sexy, and perfectly aligned for uniquely you.

Holistic Nutrition Principles


Intuitive Eating Mindset


Self-Care Rituals


Lifestyle Habits

Specifically, you will…

  • Transform your relationship with food and love your body once and for all
  • Develop and cultivate a practice of self-care that nourishes you from the inside out
  • Learn how to choose high vibration foods that will support you in developing your best health
  • Make peace with your body and food so that you can release the need to control portions, analyze contents, and count calories- for good!
  • Find pleasure in nourishing your body with great foods without spending all day in the kitchen.
  • Create your own intuitive eating plan that will have you losing weight AND truly loving each and every morsel on your plate.
  • Discover simple and effective tools to banish digestive issues, fatigue, food sensitivities, and any aches or pains.
  • Get quiet and truly listen to your body’s intuitive wisdom
  • Never again spend your days worrying about food and your body so you can feel truly blissful, beautiful, confident, alive, and free!

How we flow


4 months

Minimum time necessary for true transformation to take place.


Talk once a week

Getting on the phone once per week keeps the momentum strong.

Plus, you get

Unlimited email support

For urgent questions, a shoulder, a friend, a guide at all times – I am here for you.


Recipes, resources, gifts, and guides

Each week adds upon the next, and I will be consistently sharing resources along the way


I’m hooking you up:

  • A high vibrational and body supportive recipe book
  • Access to the next sexy self care course
  • A complete real food shopping list and superfood guide
  • My ebook, Already Healed
  • Soul homework and worksheets each week
The investment for the entire program is $3,200 or 4 monthly payments of $900.

To apply, please fill out the application below. If you sound like a good fit, we’ll schedule a free call to make sure working together is the right match for us both.


    “Having access to a course like this is a game-changer.”

    Carly’s 28 day Sexy Self Care Course ROCKED MY WORLD!

    Every morning I would look forward to opening her email which contained nothing short of amazing wisdom. Whether it was a basic note on how to set up journal prompts, to full on yoga sessions, this was seriously jam packed with goodness. 

    When I consider the value that has been placed in here, it humbles my heart. There are actually people like Carly Morgan out there, who have such presence and are determined to bare witness to their process, to be able to clearly communicate & share the experience with others. 

    Having access to a course like this is a game-changer. 

    I think of all the women in the world who are at the core craving tools like these. It’s amazing what a little guidance can do for our lives. If we are willing to take the risk to transform, and adjust our habits just even a little bit… all of a sudden we recognize how in the flow we truly are. We are the creators of our story! 

    Although I considered myself to be pretty well versed with self care rituals, even Carly managed to enlighten me with practices I wasn’t familiar with, or at least help me fine tune my own. 

    I love that I can return to the passages at any time, anywhere. They are concise, and easy to understand. She walks you through every step with uplifting energy, positive affirmations, videos, photos, and beckons you to dig deeper.
    I’m so grateful to have come across Carly’s work and am honored to call her a friend! If you have come across this and are on the fence, just do it for YOU – it is worth every penny.

    Brooke Rosenblum

    “I’m breathing in each moment and am genuinely grateful.”

    For a very long time I was on a quest for health. What I know now is that it wasn’t for the right reasons. The intention behind it was to mostly change my body because I didn’t believe it was good enough. I was starting to feel a tiny bit better but I was still hard core judging and insulting myself to even appreciate my growth. I was waiting to live once I achieved my perfect body which wasn’t coming. This held me back from living and being me.
    I heard Carly on a podcast and then watched her you tube videos. This alone helped me begin to change my mind set and see things differently which led me to join her 28 day sexy self care course.
    I am so happy I joined the course! I love it and highly recommend it! Please girls join this course! Carly is filled with light and love and she has provided me with so many valuable tools, recipes, paradigm shifts each and every day. I’m seeing people, the world, and myself in a whole new light. I’m breathing in each moment and am genuinely grateful. What a beautiful feeling. 
    What has surprised me the most is that it is positively affecting the people around me. My husband saw me changing, he was finally interested in what was going on with me now that I was not beating myself down and feeling so insecure. He saw me happy, he saw me dancing, he saw a whole new girl. He broke down and realized he hasn’t been happy with himself either and he was self medicating with alcohol for as long as I can remember now. He was built up with anger and judgement and it was sometimes hard to be around him. He told me he was going to give up drinking and hasn’t for 2 weeks now. He’s changing so much and treating me so good like I deserve to be. He even wants to go on this journey with me and he has never been interested no matter how much I talk about health, etc. And now I feel we are being way better parents and role models to our kids. You can tell they are happier also. 
    My point is that I highly recommend Carly’s course. It really is changing my life. I am thankful she created this and is sharing her wisdom with all of us. I’m excited to keep practicing these sexy self care tools for the rest of my life and live more blissfully! Thank you Carly!

    Rosanna Vavalle

    “I have benefited immensely from just one week!”


    I am one of your Sexy Self Care participants and I simply couldn’t help myself. Had to pause on Day 7 and send you a note. 

    I am so absolutely LOVING this program so far! You have power and wisdom beyond your years.

    I have benefited immensely from just one week! The journalling is especially revealing. Just seems like I have a roadmap now to get to where I want to be, not just some cleanse that promises the moon and leaves you wondering what in the world to do when it’s over. The things you teach and provide ARE what I will do when it’s over. And do them again and again hopefully all my life. 

    I look forward to waking up every day to what is in my inbox.

    Thank you so much!

    And three more weeks to go. YAY!

    Kelli Haines

    “I’m so thankful for this work.”

    I highly recommend this course! Carly is so wise and provides you with so many tools every day that are helping me change my life and love myself when I used to do just the opposite. I’m so thankful for this work in the world and I hope more people find it.