If last nights sex wasn't cosmic, mind-blowing, ascendant, and ecstatic... we must talk.

like really… are you going to continue settling for a relationship that doesn’t feel like midnight miracles and gracious growth? the missing piece between an ascended and ecstatic devotional relationship? you.

no more blaming all the funk on your partner.
(we’re over that stage)

transforming your sex, intimacy, and relatonship is about embodying your most activated archetypes and learning the skills to guide the connection into beauty and bliss. 

Imagine waking up next to your beloved. Turned on. Excited. Grateful. In love. Connected. Alive. Not wanting to be anywhere else in the world with anyone else in the world. Yep. 

Thats the power of you embodying awakened sensuality + awakening into the wisdom of your heart.

You want the passion and pleasure that was there on date 1, but you’re letting your dissatisfaction grow by the day.

You talk about staying together forever… but your soul is going… “Uhm girlfriend… are you ever going to tell him how you really feel?” 

You call your relationship conscious… but the sparks are gone, you fight often (without radical transformation), you watch movies way more than you make love, and its just starting to feel bland.

More than anything, your relationship isn’t serving your evolution and if anything, its keeping you a bit stuck.

I believe that we are all meant to have the most fulfilling, multi-dimensional, and delicious sex and partnership. divine union + love making are tools for ascension; they are the easiest (and most fun) way to become our best and highest selves.

Most people know relationship as the very thing that holds them back from the life they are meant to live. No more.

I want to teach you how to harness the potential of your sexuality and let your sexual muse be your creative inspiration for a purpose-driven, beautiful life.

I want to show you how to transform your triggers, look at your shadow, embody your priestess, and infuse divinity, transformation, and magic into your relationship with your lover.

Sexuality is the muse to your soul + partnership is the acceleration to awakening.

In our sessions, you will…

  • fully embody your goddess of love, sex, and awakening
  • How to get you out of your head and into your body
  • break through any shame you carry around your body and sexuality
  • learn tantric principles and exercises to play with yourself and your partner for ultimate pleasure and extreme sexual ecstasy
  • become a confident lover
  • create a labratory for him to arrive to your desires
  • learn how to use your triggers to transform into your most awake and alive self
  • gain Practices that protect your energy so you can relate to your lover in sovereignity
  • discover how to hold boundaries from a place of love
  • learn to lead your partner with your heart and speak your truth
  • inspire the energy you crave in sex
  • discover how to get to know your soul through relationship

All the while, I’ll be holding space for you and gently guiding you toward ultimate self expression, personal power, self-acceptance, profound levels of love, confidence, aliveness, and awakening from within.

In this 6-week intensive:

  • 6 weekly Transformational Coaching Sessions
  • 24/7 text + voicenote voxer support (which, hello, is ,me as your transformation bff for our time)
  • all Resources to Support your Open, sexy, relational aliveness

exhange: $3333

Sound good? Apply below, + let’s begin your journey.

Due to the level of care and support provided through my Embody Your Essence Mentorship, space can be limited.



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